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It's astounding, time is fleeting...

Where are you going? There.

The answer is Sinple really ..

Sex robot engineer, II

Sex robot engineer, I

Is disrespecting strangers on the internet psychopathy?

Default Friend's 2022 gift guide

A book and a film!


Only time can write a song that's really really real.

Can you pair bond during cybersex?

#GamerGate: Gamers v. Academics, Part II

Videos of you crying in your car.

TikTok self-diagnoses and the last true romantics.

Porn Roulette

The Iowa Pariah

Fear of a

Interview with a Sissy #1

Eclectic Curio Shop

Demons of TikTok

Finally, Some Good News (An Episode)

Valley of the Sun Bowl


The Cybergypsies: A True Tale of Lust, War, & Betrayal on the Electronic Frontier

Back to the maternal bosom of the pantsuited neoliberalism.

#GamerGate: "Gaming Is Leaving Gamers Behind," Part I

Refreshed Discord link.

Big week for the Internet, huh?

The problem with dating app discourse.

Oh, for the love of knowledge!

TEASER: Shocked Beyond Belief

You’re Going to Be In Adolescence Forever, Pt. 2

The worst piece of horseshit to emerge from culture in 1,000 years.

Bad anthropology.

Misreading Marshall.

Rewriting history with the "witches you couldn't burn," Rachel Dolezal, and some strange stories from TikTok.

The brief and wondrous life of a scene.

Sissy hypno, abstracting hotness from sex, and intuitive labor.

The changing shape of think pieces.

What’s the difference between a Bernie bro and a tradcath?

Everyone's Favorite Topic: Sex

Broadcast Yourself.

"Multiple Personality Disorder or DID Seems Prevalent Online."

Heaven banned for your terrible headcanon.

πŸ”’ Checking in, Discord link refresh, and another movie night...

u mIRCin', brah?

Do you like Morrissey, anon?

Casual Sex Doesn't Exist.

Identity play.

Mini-sode: The Tokenization of Everything.

πŸ”’ Summer in Chicago.

πŸ”’ From the vault...

The Ghost of Adam Lanza, Pt. 1

Welcome to the Group Chat.

The Malling of America.

Mother's Day blitz advice.

Is the TikTok algorithm trying to create another West Elm Caleb?

Digital Confessional.

πŸ”’ Digital Deception.

πŸ”’ This Used To Be Real Estate.

Autistic, schizophrenic, borderline.

πŸ”’ Discord link refresh.

Did Tumblr turn your kid trans?

The Right needs its own Taylor Lorenz.

Calling home.

πŸ”’ Thread: All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, Episode #3

πŸ”’ I'm feeling self-indulgent.

πŸ”’ Discord server.

Friends as technology.

πŸ”’ Thread: All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, Episode #2

πŸ”’Technology for Conviviality.

πŸ”’ Thread: All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, Episode #1

Hobbies vs. fandoms

πŸ”’ That's Right, I Win!

Upcoming book and film talks.

Women aren't people.

Thread: Scott Pilgrim vs. Juno

A brain dump about femcels and sex negativity.

πŸ”’ Paint the Town Paul.

πŸ”’ Do TikTokers dream of Russian bots?

πŸ”’ Discord in the Dark Forest.

It's my birthday!

Can you age out of the Internet?

πŸ”’ Complete Erasure of the Self.

πŸ”’ Posts That Never Happened.

In defense of β€˜therapy language.’

[ex.haust] pandora's vox

Happy Valentine's Day, advice seekers.

πŸ”’ A computer is a hand with myriad digits.

Roleplaying and net.goths.

I Am Jack's Emergent Fandom.

Don't think I've forgotten.

πŸ”’ Some bad news...

The one where we give advice to an ex-Mormon.

πŸ”’ [BONUS EPISODE] Raising the Vibration of Olive Oil.

πŸ”’ How do fans build online infrastructure?

#MeToo'd in the Metaverse.

πŸ”’ Movies that ruined a whole generation of women.

πŸ”’ Millennial nostalgia movie night.

Everything that's freaking people out about TikTok should have already freaked them out about Tumblr.

The horror house of "kinky" sexuality.

Is it all just a viral marketing campaign?

πŸ”’ DIY medical transition and eating disorders

The return of the advice column.

Sexualizing your eating disorder.

The future of the culture wars.