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This is something of an emotional scrapbook.

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Hi, I’m Default Friend, but you might also know me as Katherine Dee.

A hater once described me as “some bitch with a blog,” and I’ve always liked that description. It feels right. By some definitions, I’m also an internet culture reporter, but that’s just a part-time thing. In my waking life, I have a normie job in tech.

Online, I’m best known as the manic, borderline incoherent author behind a series of predictions about the ‘coming wave of sex negativity,’ the former co-host of the often too-confessional femcel podcast After the Orgy (RIP), and the person who resurrected Angela Nagle’s work on Tumblr.

It’s hard to say what this thing—the thing you’re reading—even is anymore. I’ve tried many different approaches with this Substack, but it’s just my blog, I think.

An emotional and psychological scrapbook of digital life in writing and in audio, an advice column with my friend Delicious Tacos, periodic fiction, and killed articles. There are many imitators but few are as terminally online as I.

I always appreciate emails, at any time, for any reason: defaultefriend@gmail.com.

Below is a recent photo of me without the black and white filter and without color-saturating my nose off. Enjoy.

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