Sitemap - 2021 - Default Wisdom

Sterilization's PR campaign.

Habbo Hotel, detransition, Tumblr as the mall.

Grief and projection.

The Press vs. Social Media

Raking Muck in the Metaverse

πŸ”’ Tonight's Zoom link and a few thoughts...

Welcome new subscribers!

K-pop and sex negativity?

Our bodies, our digital selves.

Digital blank-face, post-humans, and night clubs.

πŸ”’ Youse-net.

πŸ”’ American History X/Pleasantville conversation at 7pm EST, 12/16

Art Basel, psychic love line, Internet history.

πŸ”’ This is my perfect victory!

[ATO] The Baroque Creoles of the Internet.

πŸ”’ In defense of Paul Skallas.

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WoW, America hates you.

A critique of right wing art.

By request, stills from the film that I never released.

πŸ”’ Turns out, it's not in my head.

πŸ”’ All things pass into the night.

Good artists copy. Lindy artists steal.

πŸ”’ The next frontier of porn.

πŸ”’ The first wave of digital natives.

πŸ”’ [ATO] Hipster Reactionaries.

Old-timey freak shows and handlebar mustaches.

#MeToo'd in cyberspace.

The pro-anorexia memory hole.

πŸ”’ The Hot Take fandom

πŸ”’ What is "right wing art"?

πŸ”’ You're chasing Amy.

The inarticulable sadness of the 90s and early 00s.

TikTok magic, DID, Valeria Lukyanova, and more.

πŸ”’ Emily Mariko and over $100,000.

πŸ”’ Ever heard of a little place called Liberty University?


πŸ”’ Aceggots.

Internet overexposure syndrome.

πŸ”’ Is social media culture an 'oral culture'?

πŸ”’ Why do journalists always turn into lolcows?

[ATO] Kid Rock is the Poorest Person Here.

We're already in the Metaverse.

The mirror of desire

Is anorexia the nexus of all online communities?

πŸ”’ Sitting in my drafts.

πŸ”’ What kind of content should I lock?

Affinity vs. experience

Revisiting the Anscombe Society

Sex als bloße Ware

Parallel -> Alternative -> Immersive

πŸ”’ Image hoarding, Russian women, normal people, upcoming articles.

The Road to Fandom

πŸ”’ Why won't anyone date Nicole Byer?

πŸ”’ Which way, Western Beef?

Micro-rejections and long COVID.

Journalism is a fandom. Politics is a fandom.

Woke cancellation mobs will end.

Addressing a few things...

Online, there are no boundaries.

[ATO] An Ounce of (The) Cure

Where in the world is Default Friend?

πŸ”’ [ATO] White Pill Resistant Covid

Incels, incel ascension, incel chasers.

πŸ”’ [ATO] Brief Interviews with Cancelled Men.

The lasting impact of Vice Media.

πŸ”’ Mpreg! (Male pregnancy, for the uninitiated.)

πŸ”’ Can you fall in love with someone you've only met online?

"I may as well charge for sex."

πŸ”’ THREAD: Editing old posts.

TikTok's turn towards sexual conservatism.

[ATO] what purpose did alt lit serve in your life?

πŸ”’ Cross-cultural dating.

#88: The beginning of the record of my fascination.

[ATO] I Consider Myself the Greatest Living Writer

[ATO] Suicide Is Always An Option.

πŸ”’ #87: Porn vs. validation.

πŸ”’ Male-to-male transsexuals.

πŸ”’ [ATO] The Discreet Charm of the Academe.

πŸ”’ Reflecting on #86: Rejection Sensitivity

πŸ”’ [ATO] Carry That Weight


Rejection sensitivity.

#84: Rhythm is gonna get you.



πŸ”’ [ATO] Teen Romance.

πŸ”’ [ATO] It Wasn’t Such a Bad Feeling At All?

πŸ”’ Do you want to join my Telegram group?

An emotional history of the Internet.

#81: The romantic lives of Hipsidic Jews.

πŸ”’ The thing about Florida.

πŸ”’ [ATO] The Ugly Girls at the Party.


[ATO] Books...And Looks.

πŸ”’ The Sunshine Skyway.

Hold on, this is a weird one.

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πŸ”’ [ATO] Live from the Pussy Mailroom.

πŸ”’ [ATO] Human Dildo Seeks Gaping Hole.

πŸ”’ [ATO] We're All Sex Addicts.

πŸ”’ The 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 body problem.

#73: First as LARP.

The coming wave of sex negativity.

I'm streaming tonight at 6PM PST!

πŸ”’ #71: Could journalists sue click-hungry publications for exploitation? (And other BS on my mind.)

#70: OnlyFans.

πŸ”’ The incel question.

πŸ”’ Portrait.

#67: Take my wife please.

πŸ”’ If you don't have to work, should you?

#65: Is the novel dead? (And other things on my mind.)

La dolce vita.

A place with no places.

πŸ”’ #61: Sex and the City is a satire.

#60: You can't say that on TV.

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πŸ”’ Is optimization different from optionality?

πŸ”’ Dating when you have a "past."

πŸ”’ Dating without romance.

πŸ”’ The elusive voluntarily celibate man.

#55: Narcissists telling their stories.

πŸ”’ #54: But was it rape?

#53: Californian suspended adolescence.

πŸ”’ #52: What is the value of restraint?

πŸ”’ #51: BPD as a pejorative.

πŸ”’ Can women be rejected?

πŸ”’ Some housekeeping...

πŸ”’ Another girl, another planet.

πŸ”’ The principle of least astonishment.

πŸ”’ Fraud and family.