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πŸ”’ #44: I don't read enough. You probably don't either.

#43: The inverse of the fuck boy.

#42: The real culture war hasn't started yet.

πŸ”’ #41: Optimization vs. optionality.

#40: Humiliation rituals.

#39: Uncritical sex positivity. (Part I)

Uncritical sex positivity.

#38: Nerd sexuality is repulsive.

πŸ”’ Saying goodbye to your grandfather.

πŸ”’ How to age gracefully, or at least with fewer regrets.

#35: The tyranny of thinking out loud.

πŸ”’ Love fatigue.

πŸ”’ #33: Half a dozen rules for life.

America has a teenager problem.

#32: Blitz advice, round two.

What should I write about?

#31: Utopian sexism.

#30: How to ask for a raise when your boss is a master negotiator.

#29: The case for mindless scrolling.

πŸ”’ Friends with benefits, revisited.

πŸ”’ Weird flex, bro.

πŸ”’ Who should get the friends after a breakup?

πŸ”’ Happy NaNoWriMo!

πŸ”’ Excessive COVID-19 paranoia.

#22: Why won't you shut up about sex?

πŸ”’ What makes a MAN marriage material?

πŸ”’ Why happiness doesn't always help us move on.

What is Default Wisdom?

πŸ”’ Is it the wrong time or just the wrong person?

πŸ”’ My advice to women who feel like they are too ugly to be loved.

πŸ”’ We don't live in a meritocracy.

πŸ”’ What the story of Narcissus can teach us about justice.

πŸ”’ Occult advice with Benebell Wen

They like you, they really like you.

How to give good advice, make friends, and a whole lot more.

The trials of picking a lane.

Mortal sins in a secular world.

πŸ”’ Personal branding.

πŸ”’ Dating when you want a lot of kids.

The OnlyFans wall of text.

πŸ”’ How do I...?

I am a lolcow.

πŸ”’ Maybe you are a lottery ticket?

πŸ”’ Stop cutting people slack, stop thinking about money, and for the love of God, don’t move to the Bay Area.

πŸ”’ Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

πŸ”’ Is patience a virtue? Maybe not.

πŸ”’ Moving to the woods, feeling confident, and flirting like a European

πŸ”’ Giving advice, breaking up, and quitting your job.

#0: Your friend, by default.

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