Week of May 30, 2021

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Love song of the week: Washing Machine Heart by Mitski


Someone who outwardly presents as cute/sweet/simple, but has a rich inner life —thoughtful and highly creative. Maybe even a hidden "edge" to them. Not super money/career oriented, preferably mid-20s, post-college (23-27 ish).

Seeking a mate with a certain shine. I can be sweet… about half of the time. Describe a dream, I’ll listen intently, then proceed to do what I want. You and me, we’re fun together.

Back in the day, I'd pen a poem for these sorts of blurbs depicting cleverness and kindness. I'd include a photo showing great hair, stubble, and a smile. But as it turns out, poetry and just doing the expected don't work.

So here's the deal: I have plenty of friends. I'm not waiting on you. If you call, you call. When you do, I make the rules. Must have wide-set large eyes and exhibit a sufficient glow. Otherwise, stay away.


you: open minded intelligent tall chad who doesn't give a fuck what others think about him. masculine, kind but also an asshole, catholic and conservative. is fine with me being trans.

To submit a personal, please send me an email with a description of what you’re seeking with the subject line PERSONALS at Please do not send me a Twitter DM, my DMs are a mess!