Week of May 23, 2021

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Love song of the week: Send Me An Angel by Real Life

Seeking a late 20s to mid 30s woman. Outgoing, positive-minded, caring, in-touch with her goofy side and willing to indulge some dorkiness. Thin, athletic, or "HWP" body type. Taller is better than shorter. Must be somewhat active, enjoy watching sports, is stably employed (or in school), and ideally developing a career. Super-duper bonus points for being ambiguously mixed-race or having red hair. In this house we appreciate tattoos and piercings. 

Looking for a type A sultry woman who unironically thinks making lists is fun and is only online because they have to pretend to be normal IRL and it’s draining. A planner with warm soirée host energy.

Looking for a 20s girl who wants to do things; friend village, move to a plot of land just outside the city in (Oregon?/PNW?), have kids sooner than later, build things together, and stay in shape.

Seeking a nice Jewish girl who’s interested in philosophy and open to non-progressive ideas.

Seeking a hot early 20s observant Jewish girl.

Looking for early 20s creative-minded gal. Someone with mental health problems who still takes care of herself. Preferably a college dropout or something. The kind of person who wants unconditional companionship and isn't afraid to face the darkness in others... Also wouldn't mind watching the world burn. 

Seeking a queen, 25-35, Christian (any small or orthodox denomination is okay, but she has to love Jesus), cheerful and kind, athletic or at least willing to play sand volleyball, not committed to a coastal city, must want a family. 

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