Parallel -> Alternative -> Immersive

intruder John Anster Fitzgerald
The Intruder (ca. 1860) by John Anster Fitzgerald, with a fly agaric centre stage — Source.
  • It seems to me that the internet has evolved from being a parallel life to an alternative life to something betwixt and between the two, but the big change is it is always on and fully immersive. Even people who think they have ‘escaped’ it and are ‘touching grass’ haven’t really. The boundary is gone for everyone, not just the Terminally Online.

  • The more I dig into the academic study of digital ethnography, the more I realize that journalists and DIY culture commentators need to read more. I’m no exception to this, you guys don’t know how many times I’ve said something only to have Ann turn to me and say, “Foucault already said that.” Hell, I’m among the most guilty.

    My unpopular opinion is that academia isn’t dead, even as disciplines continue to die slow and painful deaths. There’s still a lot of great work happening. I also don’t think it’s enough to just read whatever buzzy book is trending on Twitter, in Silicon Valley, et al. (Although, as has been recently proven, many people don’t even go that far…)

    If you’re passionate about something—if you’re writing about something—you don’t need to be perpetually reinventing the wheel.

Finally, what do you guys think of these more regular discussion threads? Should I keep doing them? Typically, whatever makes it in one of these is what’s guiding my thinking and research for the day. Unclear if they’re better saved for tweets, though. Inviting any and all feedback.