jan. 22-31

events around the bay

hey everyone! you might notice a slightly different format this week. i’m implementing a couple of changes.

  • we’ve moved to substack since i’m not a huge fan of mailchimp.

  • for january, i’ll cover the rest of the month & we’ll go back to a weekly newsletter starting feb 1.

event links in the title. broken links to be expected. hit me up with any questions.


the default dinner was a huge success, so i’m going to make this a regular thing. starting in february, it’ll be every week, low pressure, and you’ll get plenty of notice. i’ll also to make sure to rotate around the bay area to make sure it’s fair to everyone. this week, we’ll be doing brunch in berkeley from 10:00AM to 1:00PM at wat mongkolratanaram.

this will be the kind of event where you can filter in and out as wanted, don’t feel pressured to arrive right at 10. as always, feel free to DM me on twitter (@default_friend) or shoot me an email (woainiapp@gmail.com) if you have any questions, can’t find the group, etc.


nail fetish @ 6:00PM, the drawing room in SF (jan. 23)
nail fetish is fifty-seven sculptures, paintings, drawings, and mixed media assemblages by artist Tom Seligman. it’s the kind of thing that would probably be helped by a photo.

surfing the cosmic thread @ 6:00PM, 3726 cesar chavez in SF (jan. 25)
deep dive into the 12 dimensions and the 13th gate. nice.

arctic siberian sakha performance @ 7:00PM, the center in SF (jan. 25)
i’ve been looking forward to this for a month. join me for an evening of traditional arctic sounds, folks.

upright citizen’s brigade: ASSSSCAT @ 7:00PM, goldstein theatre in SF (jan. 25)
so, asssscat is one of these improv troupes that yuppies think is hilarious, but in reality, is just fine. like, it was good when amy poehler was a part of it 30 years ago. so i’m thinking perfect for y’all san francisco subscribers. ;-) just kidding. it’s pretty cool, has most of its founding members, and is worth checking out if you get the chance.

how did this get made? @ 7:00PM, the masonic in SF (jan. 26)
how did this get made? is a podcast about bad movies. but not just bad movies—mind-bogglingly bad movies. movies that can only be described in the words of enid from ghost world: “so bad that it’s gone past bad and back to good again.”

screening: ayurveda unveiled @ 7:00PM, the roxie in SF (jan. 27)
filmmaker Gita Desai takes us on an immersive journey into india’s eternal wisdom of well-being. plus, intel on another restrictive diet for y’all. 😏

screening: ice on fire @ 6:00PM, koret auditorium in SF (jan. 28)
ice on fire appears to be about geoengineering… it also was directed by known carbon BANDIT leonardo dicaprio. 🤔 hard to say where to stand on this one, fellas. tickets are FREE and i’ll probably go.

building collective resilience after disaster @ 8:00PM, red victorian in SF (jan. 28)
red vic holds these group conversations/lectures every so often. i haven’t been, but i’ve been meaning to—they’re always on really thought provoking topics. this might be a neat complement to ice on fire, since climate change obviously falls under this umbrella in a big way.

politics of arabic type design with nadine chahine @ 6:00PM, SF public library in SF (jan. 29)
typefaces embody the unspoken messages in our words, which is why it's more important than ever that typography represents the plurality of arabic culture.

an evening of indian carnatic music @ 7:00PM, 1453 mission st in SF (jan. 29)
carnatic music is the classical music of south india. this event is on a wednesday, and seems like the exact right way to unwind after a long day at work. for those of us that work, that is. 🍄

screening: come as you are @ 7:00PM, the roxie in SF (jan. 30)
a film about three young men with disabilities flee their overbearing parents for a road trip to a brothel…

candle magic for imbolc @ 7:00PM, the scarlet sage herb co. in SF (jan. 31)
imbolc is my third favorite—okay, there’s only so many so maybe that doesn’t count for shit—let me start over—imbolc is the neo-pagan holiday/wheel of the year/sabbat that’s coming up the soonest. candle magic is a great way to celebrate it, since it’s traditionally about rebirth and making space for new beginnings. also, i’m going to be real, it’s also about fucking. anyway, you can think of it as a third new year, if you’ve already fucked up the other two that have recently passed.

a visual intro to buddhist cosmology @ 7:30PM, SF dharma collective in SF (jan. 31)
this visual presentation uses art and iconography from a variety of traditions to create an immersive experience that explores several alternative views of creation, space and time, multiple heavenly and hellish realms, and the abodes of the gods, while laying out a buddhist cosmological roadmap to liberation - from Samsara to Nirvana.


dancing with robots @ 6:30PM, BAMPFA in berkeley (jan. 23)
movement encodes information—but how? part art, part tech, amy laviers will explore how we can make robots more expressive.

let’s deplatform death @ 2:00PM, sproul plaza in berkeley (jan. 24)
keep it weird, berkeley. is this a march? is death a band? i can’t really tell. all i can say is i’m pretty anti-death myself. man! and people ask why i love the bay.

shyun style tai chi @ 6:00PM, the haven in oakland (jan. 24)
an evening of discussion and practice of the traditional chinese martial art, tai chi. they’ll begin with a brief overview of the history of tai chi, the shyun system lineage, as well as tai chi's place in taoist practice

decolonizing your psyche (aka, fanon) @ 6:30PM, red bay coffee in oakland (jan. 25)
building on foundational works of Fanon, Cesaire, Memmi, Wynter, and others, Amber McZeal and the Management Center's Senior Partner Jakada Imani leads a participatory and deeply imaginative workshop exploring how the practices of racism manifest through institutions and organizations, impacting the psychic wholeness of program participants.

introduction to gnosticism @ 7:30PM, blazing OTO in oakland (jan. 28)
LOVE IS THE LAW, LOVE UNDER WILL. (sounds like my house hehehe.) *ahem* in this class, they’ll delve into the historic gnostics by exploring specific texts and historical data. in addition, the connection between jungian psychology, thelema, and ancient gnosticism will be explored. facilitated by br. colin.

indigenous wisdom @ 6:00PM, berkeley herbal center in berkeley (jan. 31)
a talk about the universal wisdom which arose initially on the african continent.

SEXYGOODTIME WRASSLIN’ @ oakland metro opera house in oakland (jan. 31)
wrasslin’s just what we call it in tejas. (wrestling.)


ARTIST TALK: alok @ 4:30PM, stanford university in palo alto (jan. 23)
remember dark matter? the non-binary slam poetry duo? no? just me? well, the bearded member of that group is giving a talk at stanford. let me know how it goes. no, seriously, for the love of christ almighty, someone go and report back.

new moon in aquarius vision boards @ 6:30PM, nirvana healing in san jose (jan. 24)
vision boards are a really cool way to visualize what you want. it is believed by the ancient hippies of the south bay that the new moon in aquarius is a great opportunity to start setting goals into mention.

intro to sanskrit @ 6:00PM, kerala in milpitas (jan. 27)
i told you guys. i told you.

screening: the burnt city @ 6:30PM, stanford university in palo alto (jan. 28)
the burnt city, located in iran’s sistan-baluchistan province, began to be inhabited more than 3,000 years B.C.E. the discovery is considered an archeological finding for the ages, and the film offers rare insight into its discovery and the civilization that inhabited it.


except for events, all of these have been vetted.