The coming wave of sex negativity.

Flickr: The Commons / Boston Public Library

If there’s one drum I’ve been beating for a minute now, it’s that I believe the pendulum with sexuality is going to swing, big time. And seriously, if you guys remember me for anything, have it be this.

Mark my words: Next financial crisis, we’re diving headlong into something that’s been simmering in the background since 2013-2014… sex negativity.

  1. I believe these attitudes will be anchored in the middle and upper middle class, just like sex positivity is a middle/upper middle class issue. There are exceptions to this rule, but I mean in general.

  2. Younger millennial women (b. 1992-1995) are going to be scrambling to have kids, but we’re also going to be hit with a cottage industry of Gen Z women advertising their “wisdom” vis-a-vis marriage/traditional gender norms.

    Many of these women will be making it up as they go along, but others will come from coherent, intact cultures that exist adjacent to the mainstream. That is, women who feel that tension.

    Likely not Mormons or Evangelical women because their media is for and by their own communities, and they also tend to work/go to university within their own communities. But possibly Jewish women, women of different diasporas—women who already know what it means to be part of a culture but are just out of touch enough to think following in the footsteps of what has always been expected of them is a form rebellion because they’re caught between two worlds.

  3. This is as much a problem of community as anything else. Eroded relationships have a lot to do with the fact that most middle and upper middle class people in the West lack any sort of identity, inclusion to a group they believe in in a real sense, and connections.

  4. This will be as much a rebellion against the pod as it is anything else. People do not want to be atomized. They do not want to be neutered. Sex dolls are unsustainable. Nobody wants this dystopia. It WILL be painted as anti-tech but it is not necessarily “about” tech. THIS IS THE REAL CULTURE WAR.

  5. Expect lawsuits against any and everything that contains endocrine disrupting chemicals and big, big scandals to start coming out. Many people will realize that as much as they want to rebel, they can’t rebel—there’s something wrong with them physiologically and it has everything to do with what’s in the water, what our mattresses are being made with, what’s in our food and clothes, etc.

  6. Kiss your BBLs and fillers goodbye. Skepticism of obvious cosmetic surgery.

  7. The complete and total death of the girl boss archetype.

  8. People are going to rediscover the power of boundaries. You cannot define yourself against something forever, eventually your identity has to be rooted in the present tense, in what you are. To that end…

  9. What I have been calling “reactionary childbearing” is going to become a thing—I’m not sure if this is net negative or net positive. It is going to be a trend to have kids earlier rather than later and more kids than these same people might have had they been born 10-15 years earlier. Again, remember I foresee this as being localized in the upper middle and middle classes, so it will feel like a form of rebellion. I am pro-natalist. When I use words like “reactionary” I am describing the mindset of the people engaging in these activities, rather than passing judgment on a specific behavior.

  10. The lack of honesty surrounding all manner of sexual and gender issues, but particularly sex work, is going to bite us in the ass with an overcorrection. We are going to have a generation or more of women who feel incredible shame about their sexual histories and experiences. They may boomerang or they may stay the same and cope. But the “end the stigma” while silencing anyone who has anything negative to say? Great work! We’ve created a tinder box.

  11. As I have been tracking on Twitter, women like ProfitFromTrauma will become more and more common. We have been lying and have been lied to about the realities of things like sex work.

  12. More people are going to be open about romanticizing “wholesome” American cultures like LDS, Amish, etc. It is also about having a tradition to carry over, wisdom to bring from generation to generation.

  13. Kiss the millennial obsession with getting as far away from your parents and family as possible goodbye! The more diaspora influencers we have who have real or imagined relationships with their extended family, the more mimetic this behavior will become.

  14. New life will be breathed into traditional gender norms. The esoteric right wing lifter is not a sideshow attraction, it is a glimpse into something that is going to become a lot more common. Expect to see more people like Bronze Age Pervert. Teen Vogues will be replaced with more Evie Magazines.

  15. Fertility tech will explode.

  16. Who’s to say if Justin Murphy’s arranged marriage service will take off, but someone will do it. It’s not simply about bringing back matchmakers. It’s about reimagining traditional culture and refitting it for a modern audience.

  17. It doesn’t matter what the truth is, or why things are the way they are or why things were the way they were. It’s not that trad LARPers will inherit the earth. It’s that they’re the canaries in the coal mine. This is a movement that’s been simmering for a long time now. The pot is about to boil over.

I have so much more to say about this, but I was going nuts keeping this all in. More to come…?