Once upon a time, this was a curated list of events around the Bay Area.

Now I give advice on… well, pretty much everything. People usually ask me about dating—I don’t know when or how that became my niche, but it seems to be the thing people care about most. You can ask me about whatever you want, though.

Sometimes I post essays about things that interest me and even more occasionally, fiction, too. I call it an advice column for the confused, because, well, my audience is confused, I’m confused, some of the writing is confused.

I’m just figuring it out—I invite you to join me on my journey.

Want to ask me a question? Drop me a line at defaultefriend@gmail.com, DM me on Twitter at @default_friend, or send me a message on CuriousCat.

And for those of you looking for events, check out the great work that The InterIntellect is doing.